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Rave Glasses & Goggles

What Are Rave Glasses?

The most popular choices of Rave Glasses include lenses with dimensional optics that bend, refract, or diffract light. These types of eyewear are common amongst ravers due to their ability to enhance the visual aspect of the event. Rave glasses include diffraction glasses, kaleidoscope glasses, light up glasses, goggles, and other types of eyewear. Some choose to wear them as a fashion statement, and some to enhance light shows at their favorite EDM Festival. We aim for the best of both worlds: glasses that are both stylish AND enhance your visual experience. Glasses are the perfect accompaniment to any rave and are sure to make your experience an epic one!


What Are Rave Glasses Used For?


You’d be surprised how many applications rave glasses have. From parties and EDM festivals, to science and holiday-fun, rave glasses turn any light source into a party! Rave glasses are awesome for:

  • LED Gloving, Poi, and other light shows
  • Festivals, concerts, clubs, and shows
  • Fireworks, Christmas, and other holiday lights
  • Science Class and Learning the study of light waves
  • Projection mapping and 3d screens
  • Lasers
  • And of course, raves!